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Air Handling Unit

Air handling units condition indoor air with their heating,cooling, humidification and DE-humidification functions.Furthermore, air handling units supply the fresh air requirementof the environment with filtered air.

CAPACITY RANGE :- 1000 – 15000 CMH
  • Extruded Aluminum profile with nylon reinforced 3D corner joints, used to house all internal components.
  • Double skin sandwiched panels are fabricated from G.l./ S.S Sheet. The panels include sandwiched insulation.
  • An option of selecting chilled, hot, direct expanding and steam coils.
  • Air Handling Unit is provided with primary filters of different media with secondary filters viz, HEPA/ Microbe / EU-9/ EU-12/ EU-4 and Bag filters can also be provide as per process required.
  • Centrifugal blowers are Consists of double-inlet, double-width (DIDW) indigenous / imported and pillow block, self aligning bearings.
  • Coil section are provided with choice of chilled water, direct expansion, hot water and steam coils with 2, 4, 6 & 8 rows deep. Imported copper tube is used in fabrication of coil for better heat transfer.
  • Volume control damper G.I or aluminum make.
  • Availability in two categories which are floor mounted & roof mounted.