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Laminar Flow Unit

Laminar work stations create areas supplied with a continuous flow of clean air to maintain a work environment that is free from dirt, particles, and toxic or noxious fumes. Laminar work stations are designed to foster worker comfort, convenience and productivity. These equipments are per-fabricated, in a compact modular design and are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to satisfy nearly any requirement.

  • Return air are manufactured in the factory as per the design requirement.
  • They are constructed in G.I. / S.S. or anodized aluminum and then powder coated for better aesthetic looks .
  • Excellent cost / performance ratio
  • HEPA filter of max efficiency for supply
  • User-friendly handling
  • Magnelic gauge for pressure differential
  • Noise level: less than 67 db
  • Vibration level: minimum
  • Fluorescent light
  • Acrylic/ Polycarbonate side panels
  • LAF benches are scientifically designed equipment to produce a laminar pattern air flow.
  • The desired working condition are achieved with the help of battery of filters like 10/20 microns,3/5 microns and HEPA.