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Centrifugal Fans

WIND WATER SYSTEMS provide you Commercial or heavy duty industrial design used in applications such as “high airflow volume and pressure, manufacturing process exhaust, emergency or continuous high temperatures, or grease exhaust”. Models use highest level of construction quality for improved reliability and performance. All fans are tested at the factory and vibration tested as a final assembly. Scroll design typically installed at ground level for easy service or inspection. Models have construction options includes both backward and forward, inclined and high efficiency airfoil centrifugal wheels and feature heavy gauge, fully welded or lock seem housings. Available are a wide range of protective coatings and different construction materials.

Main suction centrifugal fans of SISW/DIDW arrangement are provided as per system requirement. Such fans are available for high static pressure up to 300mm WG & capacity up to 150000 CMH of air capacity.

  • Super quiet, non-overloading impeller.
  • Epoxy coated steel housing.
  • Flange and drilled outlet, inlet cone.
  • Rugged airfoil impeller.
  • MS impeller hub/bushing.
  • Single or three phase motors.
  • CW rotation rotatable to any position.
  • Compact design, rugged construction.