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Humidification Systems

Production of top quality materials at higher speeds with less down time is now possible with proper humidification control. It helps introduce and maintain optimum moisture levels in textiles to increase tensile strength of natural fibers and reduce waste. Controlled and consistent humidity will also reduce the presence of dust/pollutant suspension and allow you to increase the overall production speed of the operating equipment. Our energy efficient humidifiers can regain moisture lost in the fiber due to dry air and increase your production in all textile applications. The humidification system is an efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional methods of humidifiers.

Humidification in textile manufacturing has many benefits that will enhance profitability:
  • Product weight - Preventing moisture loss during a textile processing and storage can reduce weight loss from a typical 0.5% to about 1.5%.
  • Yarn quality - correct humidification will maintain yarn strength and elasticity, producing a better-quality product with higher margins. Wastage is also reduced through a reduction in shedding.
  • Weaving efficiency - optimal humidification reduces yarn breakages in weaving, reducing machine downtime as well as loom stop marks and weaver’s knots in the finished product.
  • Employee comfort - humidifiers can deliver evaporative cooling to a textile production facility, while suppressing dust, fly and lint. This creates a healthier and more productive atmosphere for employees.