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Air Scrubbers

Manufactured to extract all types of dust particles, acidic fumes from air that is generated during different types of industrial operations. This scrubbing helps in creation of a fresh environment for working within the organization.

  • Available in Single skin metallic powder coated housing.
  • Double bank G.I/PVC sprays headers with PVC Nozzles.
  • 4 Bend PVC Eliminators.
  • SISW (Single Inlet Single Width)/DIDW (Double Inlet Double Width) Forward/Backward curved blower.
  • Very high operational accuracy.
  • Capable of filtering out particles of negligible sizes as well.
  • Very low pressure drop which in turn reduces energy cost on blower/ fan.
  • Pleated filter element offering higher surface area for filtration.
  • Comprises of Particle removal filter up to 1 micron and high efficiency filter up to 0.01 micron.
  • Used extensively in automobiles, textile plants, bearings, tools, etc.
  • Durable.
  • Very low running cost as there is no requirement of replacing filter media repeatedly.
  • Improves air distribution through the comprising cells and traps the unwanted particles that may blow the cell off.
  • Immaculate functionality.
  • Unmatched service.
  • Rugged construction.