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Prefabricated Structure

Prefabrication structure is related to modular building systems, with well planned & designed for initiation of construction and placement of structure as per detailed design at work site. It is termed as Pre Engineered Building (PEB). Prefabricated plants are manufactured in a factory in advance, usually in sections that can be easily transported to the site and integrated. Prefab structure is made of steel or ms Square pipes. These are specifically designed for longer durable period of applications or usage.

These are extremely durable. Due to their longer life of utility and affordable cost, manufactured plant can be used for permanent, semi-permanent or temporary applications.

  • Longer service life
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Best Quality
  • Flexible Design
  • Easy to install
  • Reliable structure
  • Advantages of prefabrication:
  • Self-supporting ready-made components are used, so the need for formwork, shuttering and scaffolding is greatly reduced.
  • Construction time is reduced and buildings are completed sooner, allowing an earlier return of the capital invested.
  • On-site construction and congestion of site is minimized.
  • Better quality control can be achieved in a factory assembly line setting than at the construction site.
  • Prefabrication site can be located where skilled labour is more readily available and the costs of labour, power, materials, space and overheads are reduced.
  • Time spent due to bad weather or hazardous environments at the construction site is minimized.
  • Less wastage of construction material.
  • Advanced materials such as sandwich-structured composite etc. can be easily used, improving thermal and sound insulation and air tightness