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Square Duct

We are manufacturer of duct and supply insulation. we are providing flexible solution for air distribution systems. our tailor-made jobs help to give you batter flexibility and solution to smaller places for ducting work.

Insulating duct helps the air with in stay at the desired temperature. It also prevents the ducts from leaking air. Ducts which leak air can result in greater energy consumption and expensive utility bills. Effective thermal insulation of the duct work reduces this heat loss and helps to minimize energy usage.

The most used for heating and cooling ducts insulations are various types. duct insulation is available in various thicknesses. There is flexible duct wrap as well as rigid insulation board. The type of insulation that is used depends on the size and shape of duct on the application.


In principle a textile duct is a round, square or rectangular duct made of a light-weight material like e.g galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum, designed for delivery and distribution of cooled or heated air and also used for transmitting light weighted material.

1. Flexibility and tailored solutions
Flexibility and tailored designs characterize for textile-based ventilation solutions.

2. Unique Material selection, flexibility and also provide some standard solution for different ducts selection.

3. Efficient air distribution and good indoor climate
Stale and stagnant air may cause fatigue and headache. textile ducts create an effective air change and a good indoor climate.

4. Excellent acoustic properties
Our systems possess are unique properties as to resist noise generation. baffle plates below the ceiling where absorb and break down a part of the noise reflected.

5. Easy to transport and install
Our ducts materials weigh is much lighter. At the same time textile ducts are much easier to handle and to transport.