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Rotary Filter

Textiles and non-woven manufacturing gathers a lot of dust and fibers, which gets choked in the exhaust. If not removed properly, the can pose a great risk to the facility. Rotary Air Filters are air engineering units that effectively remove dust and fibers. Rotary Air Filter is also use in plant where air-conditioning systems are required. In production room air circulate through an air washer system. Air often contains dust which is small in volume, it is removed to protect the production areas.

In addition to return-air applications, this filter is a superior filter in applications where fiber waste separation is required upstream of a fine-dust filter.

  • Long-life media
  • Automatic operation
  • Efficient fine mesh media
  • No labor cost
  • Mechanically simple
  • No blow-by
  • Compact size
  • Advantages:
  • Automatic cleaning of the filter drum with a suction device.
  • Controlling of the cleaning process by differential pressure guards.
  • One filter mat per drum segment shortens the maintenance time.
  • It can be installed with pre-fabricated housing or in a walled room.

  • Bag Filter System have been designed for dust collection and pollution control applications
  • Effective means of re conditioning fabric-no interruptions
  • Pressure-75-150 mm WG
  • Materials of construction- CRC, SS, PVC, FRT double coated with red oxide primer
  • Self-supporting strong steel structure
  • Non-woven, needled filter media with special finishes to suit your needs